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Seasonal SWE graph
June 08, 2022
Snow-covered area for the western United States was 119 percent of average for May with above average snow cover in the North outbalancing below average snow cover in the South. Snow cover days remained well below average...
Precipitation anomaly map, April 2022
May 11, 2022
Snow-covered area for the western United States was 104 percent of average for April, with more snow-covered area in the North than in the South. But snow cover days indicate a relatively dry year since October 1, 2021.
Snow albedo graph for western United States
April 06, 2022
Snow-covered area for the western United States was 97 percent of average for March but varied regionally with above-average area in central continental regions and below-average area in coastal and northern regions.
Snow albedo, Feb-28-2022
March 09, 2022
Across the western United States, the snow cover maximum for 2022 occurred on February 24, a few weeks later than average. Snow-covered area was 88 percent of average for February. Snow water equivalent was below average...
SWE graph for four hydrologic basins
February 09, 2022
Snow-covered area was the second lowest in the 22-year satellite record. All western states and large river basins had below average snow cover. As of January 31, snow cover days hit a record low, surpassing the previous record low year of 2015.
Photo of Marshall Fire aftermath, December 31, 2021
January 13, 2022
Snow-covered area and snow cover days were the lowest in the 22-year satellite record. Dry, autumn conditions in Colorado prevailed with latest snow fall since 1882 contributing to a fire that burned a record number of homes in Colorado.