Snow Today

Daily images of snow data and seasonal analyses

Daily Snow Viewer

NOTICE TO ALL USERS: Starting 20 September 2023, the Snow Today Application stopped processing new data. We are working on implementing a new processing system and plan to release it at the beginning of the new year. In addition, data shown from the previous winter has been updated through 9/19/2023 but has been mislabeled 2024. This error will be fixed when data processing resumes. If you have any questions please contact NSIDC user services.


The Daily Snow Viewer is best viewed on a desktop computer or larger laptop screen. In the default view, the map shows snow cover over the western United States and total snow cover is displayed on the time series plot. Note that the map images show data from whatever day is listed in the plot. This date updates dynamically as new data become available. Use the controls below to change the variables and regions on the maps and plots.

This viewer works best on a desktop monitor; using the viewer on a smaller screen may limit the map and/or plot display to a single column.

Check out the Snow Viewer Guide to see current known data issues and to learn how the the Snow Viewer works.