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Across the globe, snow and ice play a vital role in regulating Earth’s climate and providing freshwater resources to people, plants, and animals.

As Earth’s frozen regions change rapidly, NSIDC is committed to growing its research and open access data to better understand these changes. Read about NSIDC research and its contribution to science and policy making. Check out spotlights on how to use NSIDC data, tools, and resources. Learn about how we steward data and collaborate with scientists and organizations across the world to understand how the frozen parts of Earth affect the rest of the planet and impact society.

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Sea ice in the Chukchi Sea
Since the 1980s, extreme weather events have increased, affecting millions of people across the globe. Multiple studies have suggested a potential causal relationship between Arctic ice retreat and extreme weather in the midlatitudes, but not all climate scientists agree that a clear relationship exists.
satellite image of atmospheric river approaching western US
A series of atmospheric rivers significantly increased snow-covered area and snow water equivalent in the California Sierra Nevada, and to a lesser extent the delivery of snow inland to Nevada, Utah, and Colorado. Snow-covered area for the western United States was 125 percent of average for January with above average snow cover in most regions.