Submit NASA Data to NSIDC DAAC

Assigned Missions & Projects

This page is for data publication requests resulting from missions and projects assigned to NSIDC DAAC and already approved to be published at the DAAC.  

When you are ready to begin the process of publishing a new data product or updating an existing data product, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Review and prepare

Before creating your publication request, please carefully review the resources below.

Step 2: Complete Data Publication request form 

Download and complete one of the documents below:

Step 3: Upload Data Publication request 

Upload and submit the completed form and accompanying files on our website to initiate a data publication request.

Step 4: Review of Publication Request

DAAC data management staff will contact you after reviewing your Data Publication request. Data publication is a collaboration between the data producer and the DAAC.  Therefore, we may ask you to clarify information, and we can provide guidance on data file creation. We do require that data producers provide key, file-level information (preliminary metadata) and a Data Transfer Manifest with the delivery of your data product to enable ingest and improve data discovery through NSIDC DAAC tools and NASA Earthdata Search.