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Submit NASA Data to NSIDC DAAC

Community-produced Data

Data produced by the cryospheric community can be considered for publication at NSIDC DAAC if it:

  • Is funded by the NASA Cryospheric Science program
  • Is funded by a NASA program and has relevance to the cryosphere
  • Uses NASA data and has relevance to the cryosphere

To request that your data be published at NSIDC DAAC, please follow the instructions below. 

Step 1: Review and Prepare

Step 2: Complete Data Accession Request

Download and complete the Data Accession Request form below:

Step 3: Submit Request

Upload and submit completed request form and accompanying files

Step 4: Review of Data Accession Request

The DAAC will use the information you provided, as well as sample data, to conduct an assessment of the data’s alignment with the DAAC’s science domain, the scientific impact and community need, the Level of Service, and the resources necessary to publish and support the data. The DAAC provides the description of your data and their assessment to the NASA ESDS and ESDIS for review and approval. The NSIDC DAAC will communicate with you during this process which often takes several weeks to complete.