Information for SnowEx Data Providers

The following tables list links to detailed information for preparation and submission of SnowEx data sets to NSIDC DAAC.

Prepare Data for Submission Description
Data Provider Information SnowEx Data Provider Information Session - NSIDC DAAC, 27 April 2017
Data File Requirements & Recommendations Review the data format and file recommendations document.
Sample data

Review sample ASCII/CSV data files.

Level Definitions for EOS Standard Data Products Review Definitions of Earth Observing System (EOS) Standard Data Product (SDP) levels.
NASA Earth Science Data Standards, Requirements, and References NASA standard data formats information, and NASA Headquarters Earth Science Division requirements for airborne mission data systems.

Submit Data and Information Description
SnowEx Data Submission Form

Complete the Data Submission Form:

  • to indicate data are ready for delivery, and
  • to provide documentation and a sample data file
SIPSMetGen Spatial Input File Sample

Review the sample and create Spatial Input Files. 

Spatial Input Files are text files containing Longitude / Latitude coordinate pairs, one pair per row separated by whitespace. A spatial file for each data file is created to specify bounding rectangle geometry for the data files.

SIPSMetGen Pre-Met File Sample

Review the sample and create Pre-Met Files.

Pre-Met Files are text files that contain metadata attributes and their values. A pre-met file must be created for each data file and is used by SIPSMetGen to construct standards-compliant file-level matadata for ingest and data discovery.

Data Transfer Manifest

Complete the Data Manifest Template in preparation for delivery of data files. 

The data manifest is a text file included by data providers with every batch of data transferred to NSIDC DAAC.  The manifest provides information required by NSIDC to ingest the data in a timely manner and verify that all files have been received.  

Contact NSIDC User Services for more information.