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IceBridge Data Portal

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The NSIDC DAAC manages data for products derived from the NASA Operation IceBridge aircraft missions, and implements tools and services extending the uses of IceBridge data products.

Operation IceBridge, initiated in 2009, collects airborne remote sensing measurements to bridge the gap between NASA's Ice, Cloud and Land Elevation Satellite (ICESat) mission and the subsequent ICESat-2 mission.

Operation IceBridge mission observations and measurements include coastal Greenland, coastal Antarctica, the Antarctic Peninsula, interior Antarctica, the southeast Alaskan glaciers, and Antarctic and Arctic sea ice.

The NASA Operation IceBridge mission combines multiple instruments to map ice surface topography, bedrock topography beneath the ice sheets, grounding line position, ice and snow thickness, and sea ice distribution and freeboard. Data from laser altimeters and radar sounders are paired with gravimeter, magnetometer, mapping camera, and other data to provide dynamic, high-value, repeat measurements of rapidly-changing portions of land and sea ice.

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