Browse Image Subset Tool (BIST)

Explore data with BIST

It is often illuminating to quickly display time series of browse images from data sets, especially if a time series of one parameter can be paired side-by-side with a time series of another parameter. The Browse Image Spreadsheet Tool (BIST) allows you to look at an array of browse images, and to manipulate the parameters controlling each axis of the array after you have chosen a particular data set to work with. 

As of March 2022, three of NSIDCs data sets can be displayed using the BIST. They are the Sea Ice Index maps and plots, Arctic melt pond maps, and a version of USNIC charts and climatologies. 

Use the dropdown menus below to explore data with the BIST. The How to use BIST  page has illustrations of how this works.

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The Browse Image Spreadsheet Tool (BIST) was originally developed as the Web Image Spreadsheet Tool (WIST) by the National Geophysical Data Center's Geospatial Services group, T. Habermann, lead. NSIDC Scientific Programmer J. Collins generalized the tool for use with additional NSIDC data in 2007.