Advanced Microwave Scanning Radiometer on the JAXA ADEOS-II Satellite
Version History

The following information summarizes the differences between various versions of AMSR/ADEOS-II data.

Processing and Algorithm History

Version 3 Data

The improved Version 3 AMSR-L1A product features empirical corrections to the co-registration parameters A1 and A2, and an updated parameter file used for correcting the AMSR 89 GHz position information. As a result, Version 3 AMSR L1A data provide improved accuracy for the following: latitude and longitude, land/ocean flags, earth incidence angle, earth azimuth angle, sun azimuth angle, and sun elevation angle.

Version 2 Data

This improved algorithm features empirical corrections to the Aqua scan azimuth and satellite flight direction. With corrected sun azimuth, sun elevation, earth azimuth, and earth incidence angles, the geometric accuracy of AMSR 89 GHz data improved to within 2 km, compared to Version 1 AMSR-L1A data.

Version 1 Data

V01: Original version of data algorithm. V01 refers to the product maturity code, where V indicates that the product is validated. Products are upgraded to Validated status once the algorithm is verified by the algorithm team and validated by the validation teams.

Temporal Coverage of AMSR/ADEOS-II Data by Algorithm

Temporal coverage dates are reported in Table 2 as yyyy-mm-dd for the four-digit year, two-digit month, and two-digit day, respectively. Times are reported in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), where hh:mm is the two-digit hour followed by the two-digit minute.

Table 1. Temporal Coverage Table
Data ProductProduct VersionTemporal Coverage Dates
AMSR-L1AVersion 32003-04-02 (00:03) to 2003-10-24 (20:50)
AMSR-L1AVersion 22003-04-02 (00:03) to 2003-10-24 (20:50)
AA-L2AVersion 1:V012003-01-18 (02:34) to 2003-10-24 (20:50)