International Ice Charting Working Group

Task Teams

At IICWG-XIX in September 2018, the IICWG altered its organizational structure to provide flexibility in identifying and addressing ice service challenges by replacing the Standing Committees with Task Teams. Task Teams work under the IICWG Charter and Terms of Reference, focused on specific themed actions identified by the ice services and discussed by the plenary during the annual meetings. Task Teams will have flexible membership, operating procedures, timelines, and deliverables that are tailored to best address the particular theme for which they are responsible. All Task Teams will be led by a champion who will guide their team to complete specific work items and achieve well-defined goals. Rather than being permanent entities, Task Teams are intended to have a defined life span.

Responsibilities of the Task Team Lead

  • As champion for the theme, assemble a team of willing and committed members
  • Establish goals and milestones, leading the Task Team to complete their tasks
  • Participate in quarterly teleconferences of the Co-Chairs’ Coordination Committee to provide progress updates and assist in setting the agenda for the IICWG Annual Meeting
  • Schedule and chair Task Team meetings and teleconferences as necessary
  • Lead the preparation and presentation of documents and reports at the IICWG meetings
  • Follow-up on action items

List of Task Teams

(Updated 21 July 2021)

#    Task TeamTeam LeadStatus - July 2021
1ROSE-LWolfgang DierkingIn progress for completion early 2022
2ICEBERG MODELINGMike HicksCompleted September 2020
3E-NAVIGATIONJürgen HolfortOn Temporary Hold
4UNCERTAINTYSean HelfrichCompleted September 2020
5ANALYST FORECASTER COMPETENCIESCatalin TitaCompleted September 2019
6REGIONAL CLIMATE CENTRE CONTRIBUTIONSScott Weese / Jan LieserArctic RCC Complete; Antarctic RCC in watch status
7ARCTIC COUNCIL INTERACTIONMarianne ThyrringTask Team disbanded; co-chairs on-going responsibility
8MARINER TRAINING NEEDSKeld QvistgaardCompleted September 2020
9ICE SERVICE VALUE CHAIN MANAGEMENTSøren Olufsen / Caryn Panowicz / Nick HughesCompleted September 2020
11ICE ANALYST WORKSHOP 2020Patrick ErikssonPostponed to 2021
12UNCERTAINTY-2Nick HughesIn progress
14SOUTHERN LIMIT OF KNOWN ICE (SOLOKI)Jan Lieser / Andrew FlemingIn progress
16SEA ICE HAZARD PRODUCTScott Weese / Kevin BerberichIn progress

These task teams have assumed responsibility for the work of the former Standing Committees. Past records of the Committees are listed below.

Past Commitees

Data, Information, and Customer Support Standing Committee (DICSSC)

Action Items

DICSSC Action Items (Sep 2018)

Terms of Reference

Data, Information and Customer Support Standing Committee (DICSSC) Terms of Reference (Jul 2018)


Penny Wagner
Norwegian Ice Service 
Tromsø, Norway

Alvaro Scardilli
Argentine Naval Hydrographic Service
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Antti Kangas
Finnish Meteorological Institute
Helsinki, Finland


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DICSSC Committee Reports and Presentations

Interoperable Data Formats - Action Item DC 6.1.1 Reference Material and Discussion at IICWG VII, Helsinki

Interoperable Data Formats - Special Session at IICWG VI, Ottawa

Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS) Material

Sea Ice Mapping Systems - Presentations and Reports (see also items under the Standing Committee on Applied Science and Research)

  • SIMS Architecture.
    A draft presentation with recommendations, introduction, and summary page added (changes in green). Send comments, additions, and changes to Paul Seymour. Later versions will be posted on this page.
  • SIMS Introduction and Summary.
    This presentation is intended to summarize IMS progress and issues for all of IICWG-V, on Thursday April 22, 2004, 13:30. Send comments, additions, and changes to Paul Seymour. We will work on this at the meeting in the standing committee breakout as well.
  • Providing METOC Data in SIMS: A Capabilities/Feasibility Study Prepared for the U.S. National Ice Center.
    This white paper outlines the U.S. National Ice Center's position regarding operational aspects of incorporating meteorology data in SIMS, their sea ice mapping system. While specific to NIC, aspects of the challenges faced by NIC may be of interest to other centers.

Sea Ice Mapping Systems - Requirements

Sea Ice and Iceberg Training Modules - Action Item DC 16-5

These modules were compiled together in 2016 by the DICSSC Co-chairs and Secretariat to fulfill to an IICWG 2015 Action Item DC 16-5: Make a list of publicly available sea ice training modules and set a link to them on the IICWG web-site. The following lists provide links to resources for sea ice and iceberg training.

Resources from UCAR's MetEd

Other Sites

Resources on YouTube

  • Ice in the Climate System: Undergraduate level lecture from Yale Courses discussing the five types of ice in the climate system: sea ice, ice sheets, ice shelves, icebergs, and mountain glaciers.
  • Ice and Climate Change: Undergraduate level lecture from Yale Courses discussing how the ice on earth is sensitive to climate change and how ice plays a role in the climate change processes.

Applied Science and Research Standing Committee (ASRSC)

Action Items

ASRSC Action Items (Sep. 2018)

Terms of Reference

Applied Science and Research Standing Committee (ASRSC) Terms of Reference (Jan. 2016)

In 2010, the ASRSC created a Data Assimilation Working Group with its own Terms of Reference and Membership.


Dean Flett
Canadian Ice Service
Ottawa, Canada

Wolfgang Dierking
Alfred Wegener Institute
Bremerhaven, Germany

Philip Reid
University of Tasmania
Hobart, Tasmania


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ASRSC Committee Reports and Presentations

Iceberg Standing Committee

Action Items

ISC Action Items (Sep. 2018)


Mike Hicks
International Ice Patrol
United States

Keld Qvistgaard
Danish Meteorological Institute
Copenhagen, Denmark

Alvaro Scardilli
Argentine Naval Hydrographic Service
Buenos Aires, Argentina