How can I search for IceBridge data?

Here are several ways you can find NSIDC DAAC IceBridge data.

1. To see a listing of all the IceBridge data sets, visit the IceBridge Data Collection Data page which contains all the data sets grouped by instrument, and shows the available campaigns for each data set.


2. For a map-based search, you can use the IceBridge Data Portal. The Portal provides one convenient location from which users can visualize, search and download data for IceBridge campaigns in both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. Features include:

  • A map display of the flight lines
  • Temporal search
  • Spatial search
  • Search by instrument(s)
  • Flight reports to view and download
  • Data download by campaign or flight
  • Various basemap layers for visualization


3. Some IceBridge data sets are also available from NASA Earthdata Search. A host of many different NASA data sets are also available in Earthdata Search. The following features apply to the IceBridge data sets:

  • Temporal search
  • Spatial search
  • Data download by file

Last Updated February 2017