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Data set update: Glacier Photograph Collection, Version 1

NOAA@NSIDC is pleased to announce that 38 photos have been added to the Glacier Photograph Collection, Version 1. The photos range in dates from 1963 to 2022. Ten of the photos are part of a new collection called the Koni Steffen Special Collection that include photos of a glacier in Greenland that was posthumously named for Konrad Steffen, renowned Swiss glaciologist and climate scientist. The photos were taken during the Leister Expedition Go North 2022 to northern Greenland.

An additional 18 repeat photos taken in 2021 have been added to the Kenai Fjords National Park Glacier Photographs special collection. This collection is a repeat photography project documenting coastal glacier change in Kenai Fjords National Park in southcentral Alaska and contains photos dating back to 1909.

Seven historical photos from 1963 of Portage Glacier in Alaska have been added as well as recent photos of Isabelle Glacier in Colorado.

The photos in the special collections can be accessed via the Glacier Photograph Collection Search and Order interface. Under ‘Choose a Collection’ either select ‘Koni Steffen Special Collection’ or ‘Kenai Fjords National Park Glacier Photographs’. To access the photos of the other glaciers mentioned, select the glacier name from the Glacier Name scroll box on the Search and Order interface:


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