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Randolph Glacier Inventory - A Dataset of Global Glacier Outlines, Version 6

The Randolph Glacier Inventory (RGI) is a global set of glacier outlines; it is intended as a snapshot of the world’s glaciers. This data set provides a single outline for each glacier and is produced in coordination with the Global Land Ice Measurements from Space (GLIMS) initiative. The RGI is not suitable for measuring glacier-by-glacier rates of area change, but can be used to estimate glacier volumes, rates of elevation change at regional and global scales, and cryospheric responses to climatic forcing.

Glacier mapping data are contributed to both GLIMS and the RGI from the glaciological community. RGI is produced by the Working Group on the Randolph Glacier Inventory and Infrastructure for Glacier Monitoring, a body of the International Association of Cryospheric Sciences (IACS). This data set is updated approximately annually.

Glacier outlines are distributed as Shapefiles. Hypsometric data (CSV files) and gridded auxiliary data (GeoTIFFs) are also available. All RGI data are packaged globally and by region, with regions based upon the Global Terrestrial Network for Glaciers.

This is the most recent version of these data.

Version Summary:

Changes for this version include:

  • Improved coverage of the conterminous US (regions 02-05 and 02-06), Scandinavia (region 08), and Iran (region 12-2).
  • Added several hundred glaciers in Scandinavia.
  • Added dates to most glaciers in Scandinavia.
  • Reorganized flag attributes *RGIFlag* and *GlacType*

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Data Format(s):
  • Shapefile
  • CSV
  • GeoTIFF
Spatial Coverage:
N: 90, 
S: -90, 
E: 180, 
W: -180
Platform(s):LANDSAT-5, LANDSAT-7, SPOT-5, Terra
Spatial Resolution:
  • Varies x Varies
Sensor(s):ASTER, ETM+, HRS, TM
Temporal Coverage:
  • 1 January 1950 to 31 December 2010
Temporal ResolutionNot applicableMetadata XML:View Metadata Record
Data Contributor(s):RGI Consortium, .

Geographic Coverage

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RGI Consortium, . 2017. Randolph Glacier Inventory - A Dataset of Global Glacier Outlines, Version 6. [Indicate subset used]. Boulder, Colorado USA. NSIDC: National Snow and Ice Data Center. doi: [Date Accessed].
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