MASIE-NH Daily Image Viewer

Multisensor Analyzed Sea Ice Extent - Northern Hemisphere (MASIE-NH)

Arctic sea ice extent

Use the MASIE-NH Daily Image Viewer to see where Arctic sea ice is now and how that data compares to the last four years. The data shown below is obtained nightly and comes from the most recent full day of data from the US National Ice Center (NIC). As is the rule with operational centers, gaps in production can occur without warning.

Daily Arctic sea ice extent

Image below updates daily

Entire northern hemisphere time series plot

This plot compares sea ice extent over the last four weeks for this year compared to the last four weeks of the previous four years. The plot image below updates daily.

Plot of Region r00

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Daily Sea Ice Extent Values

Explore data by Arctic region

You can also use MASIE to explore and download data for individual Arctic regions. Regional data include daily images and time series plots.

Example image of Beaufort Sea ice extent data from MASIE tool
An example of the types of regional Arctic sea ice extent data available from the MASIE tool. — Credit: NSIDC

MASIE (may-zee) is produced by the NOAA@NSIDC program in cooperation with the US National Ice Center (NIC)

If you find MASIE helpful, please let us know with a quick message to NSIDC User Services. This will help us communicate to our funding agencies how the product is being used.