DAAC Data Subscription Requests

Subscriptions are available for select NSIDC DAAC data. Subscriptions apply only to future data as they are delivered to NSIDC; they cannot be used to receive data already in NSIDC's archive. This option is convenient if you require new data for a specific region as they are ingested into NSIDC's data archive, but you do not want to actively search and order data files each time. Based on your preference, NSIDC can either push new data to your local server via Secure Copy (SCP), or can stage data on our HTTPS site for you to pull. 

This page explains the information NSIDC needs to process your subscription request. 

User Information
Subscription Preferences
Product Information
SCP Requests

User Information

Please provide your name, country, e-mail address, and industry.

Earthdata Login: If you have an Earthdata Login profile, please indicate your username. No passwords are required. If you do not have an Earthdata Login, you must create an Earthdata Login profile before continuing. Go to Register for an Earthdata Login Profile and complete the form to register.

Subscription Preferences

Method of Data Delivery

  • HTTPS Pull: Data files are staged on NSIDC's HTTPS site for you to pull at your convenience. This option allows you to apply customization prior to the delivery of data, such as subsetting, reformatting, and reprojection. You have fourteen days to retrieve your data before files are automatically deleted.
  • Secure Copy (SCP): Data files are securely transferred to your local server using this secure shell protocol as soon as the data files are available. Customization options are not available when SCP is selected.

Product Information

Data Set Title or ID: Please indicate the Data Set Title or Short Name ID. If you are unsure of these, please consult the following table listing the data for which subscriptions are available:

Data sets web page Notes
AMSR-E/AMSR2 Unified Customization options are not available.
Near-Real-Time SSM/I EASE-Grid Daily Global Ice Concentration and Snow Extent (NISE) Customization options are not available.
SMAP Data  Some SMAP data are distributed by ASF. Please check the Source column on the Data Sets Web page to verify the data you want is distributed by NSIDC.

Please note that subscriptions will deliver the latest version of the data set.

Start and Expiration Dates of Subscription: Please indicate how long you want the subscription to last, not the temporal coverage of the data.

SCP Requests

Please provide the following information if you select the SCP delivery option.

Local Host Name: Indicate the domain name or numerical IP address where the data should be sent. Example: servername.colorado.edu

Local Directory: Provide the full directory path where the data will be pushed. This directory should have write permission for a successful transfer, and should already exist before you request a subscription. Also please ensure you have adequate disk space for your anticipated subscription. Refer to Data Volumes.

Local User Name: Account name to access your host. Please call NSIDC User Services (+1 303-492-6199) to provide your user name and password. You can also send us this information by e-mail, but be aware that this method is less secure.

Subscription Request Form