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How to convert GoLIVE NetCDF variables to GeoTIFF

This How To guide will illustrate the function to perform in order to convert NetCDF variables to single-band GeoTIFFs. The GeoTIFF files that are hosted on the GoLIVE FTP archive are geolocated multi-band browse images of the vv_masked variable, but are not intended to be used in data analysis. You will need to have the Geospatial Data Abstraction Library (GDAL, installed on your system before continuing. Once you have acquired the NetCDF file of the tile(s) you are interested in and have GDAL installed, you may execute the following command: 

gdal_translate NETCDF:"":GoLIVE_var GoLIVE_Output_FileName.tif

You should now have a single-band tif containing the variable of interest with associated metadata. Below is the output of the following command, which converts vv_masked to tif: 
​gdal_translate NETCDF:"":vv_masked GoLIVE-vv_masked.tif

Last Updated January 2018