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US former Vice President Al Gore visits NSIDC

NSIDC hosted former U.S. Vice President Al Gore for a private science briefing, yesterday, at the request of Mr. Gore. CIRES Director and Greenland ice sheet expert Konrad Steffen and NSIDC Director and Arctic climatologist Roger Barry hosted the briefing at NSIDC on the University of Colorado at Boulder campus.

After brief presentations concerning the latest scientific research on Arctic sea ice, snow, glaciers, permafrost, and ice sheets, an extensive and lively discussion with NSIDC research scientists ensued.

Mr. Gore expressed interest in Arctic sea ice, permafrost, and climate interactions, as well as changes occurring in our planet’s cold regions. He also encouraged NSIDC scientists and the larger climate science community to be direct about their research results.

NSIDC was honored to host the former Vice President to discuss our research. For press inquiries, contact or +1 303.492.1497.