What is the MODIS Swath-to-Grid Toolbox (MS2GT) and what can it do?

The MODIS Swath-to-Grid Toolbox (MS2GT) is a set of software tools that can be used to read HDF-EOS files containing MODIS swath data and produce flat binary files containing gridded data in a variety of map projections. Multiple input files corresponding to successively acquired 5 minute MODIS "scenes" can be processed together to produce a seamless output grid.

MS2GT is stored in the NSIDC Github repository and consists of four perl programs that make calls to several standalone IDL and C programs: mod02.pl which reads MOD02 Level 1b files, mod10_l2.pl which reads MOD10_L2 snow cover files, mod29.pl which reads MOD29 sea ice files, and mod35_l2 which reads MOD35_L2 cloud mask files. All four Perl programs can optionally read MOD03 files for geolocation and/or ancillary data.