VIIRS Tools and Services

The following table lists the tools and services available for VIIRS data.

Earthdata SearchNASA's newest search and order tool for subsetting, reprojecting, and reformatting data.
HDF Data ViewerA visual tool for browsing and editing HDF4 and HDF5 files.
Panoply netCDF, HDF, and GRIB Data ViewerCross-platform application that plots geo-gridded arrays from netCDF, HDF, and GRIB data sets.
The VIIRS Conversion Toolkit (VCTK)An ENVI plugin that can ingest, process, and georeference every known VIIRS data product using either a graphical widget interface or a batch programmatic interface. This includes VIIRS products distributed with EASE-Grid projections.
HEG HDF-EOS to GeoTIFF Conversion ToolThis free tool converts many types of HDF-EOS data to GeoTIFF, native binary, or HDF-EOS grid format. It also has reprojection, resampling, subsetting, stitching (mosaicing), and metadata preservation and creation capabilities.