How to download CDR data from PolarWatch and map it using R

This external R tutorial guides you through an R script for the NOAA/NSIDC Climate Data Record of Passive Microwave Sea Ice Concentration data in PolarWatch:

It covers the following topics:

  • Finding and previewing sea ice data in ERDDAP
  • Downloading the sea ice data and lat-lon grid from ERDDAP
  • Using the lat-lon grid to find x and y indices that correspond to your region of interest
  • Requesting the sea ice data for the specified x and y indices
  • Reading in the file and mapping it using ggplot

Please note that the data set spans a longer time period than is used in the tutorial, so you can download a longer time series if you wish. For the most up to date temporal coverage, please see the G02202 data set landing page.