How does VIIRS snow and sea ice data compare to MODIS

Data products from VIIRS are created to be similar to MODIS data products to ensure the continuity needed for the development of snow and sea ice climate records beyond the life expectancy of MODIS. The temporal resolution and spatial extent are identical in MODIS and VIIRS. A benefit of VIIRS snow and sea ice products, however, is the higher spatial resolution when compared to similar MODIS products (375m vs. 500m for snow and 375m/750m vs. 1000m for sea ice, respectively). Because of the differences in instruments and spatial resolutions, calibration work will need to be done to compare both VIIRS and MODIS. 

During the May 2023 MODIS/VIIRS Science Meeting, a poster was presented comparing MOD10A1F, MYD10A1F, VNP10A1F, and VJ110A1F snow cover products.  This poster, entitled "MODIS—VIIRS Snow Cover Products Continuity" is available here:

Another article of interest, "Continuity between NASA MODIS Collection 6.1 and VIIRS Collection 2 land products," appearing in the March 1, 2024 edition of the journal Remote Sensing of the Environment is available here:

NSIDC will continue to add additional resources comparing MODIS/VIIRS products to this article as they become available.

Last Updated September 2023