How do I retrieve a time array from AE_L2A data?

Each AE_L2A data file has a time stamp for each scan. The time array is stored as Vdata under the variable name, Time.

a) Using the hdp tool, the Time array can be dumped into a text file using the following commands:

hdp dumpvd –n Time input file > output file

Example: hdp dumpvd -n Time AMSR_E_L2A_BrightnessTemperatures_V12_200206010011_D.hdf > time.txt

Refer to The HDF Group for more information on the hdp tool.

b) Using HDFView, the Time array can be exported to a text file. Instructions for this are provided below.

After opening an AMSR-E L2A data file in HDFView, navigate to the Time array by expanding the contents of the file. This can be achieved by double-clicking on the following groups in the left panel:

Low-Resolution Swath >> Geolocation Fields >> Time

After opening the Time array, it will be presented in a spreadsheet in the right panel. Click on Table >> Export Data to Text File.