How to build a QGIS project with MEaSUREs GrIMP image and velocity products

There are external Jupyter notebooks available that can be used to search for GrIMP products and incorporate them into a new QGIS project:

There are two notebooks:

  • NSIDCLoginNotebook - This is the set-up notebook which needs to be run first in order to set up the packages and paths for running the qgisRemoteNotebook
  • qgisRemoteNotebook - This walks you though searching for the data and then creating a new QGIS project and adding the data to it.

Both notebooks can be accessed from the following GitHub repository:

Please note to run both notebooks, you will also need to download the code in the grimpfunc folder:

The notebooks are designed to run locally on a user's machine, but they can also be run remotely via binder, free of charge. The binder version is convenient in that everything is pre-built, debugged, and ready to run. There are, however, two limitations to binder:

  1. The memory is limited to 2GB so too large downloads can fail
  2. The data are downloaded to the binder instance, so they have to be explicitly downloaded to the local machine otherwise they will be lost when the session closes.

Further detailed instructions are provided in the notebooks. You can also find some example QGIS projects here:

NSDIC does not provide any support for these tools and users should reach out to the following author with any questions or issues: Ian Joughin at