Are the same regions used in the Sea Ice Index and MASIE-NH?

The regions differ slightly between the Sea Ice Index and the Multisensor Analyzed Sea Ice Extent - Northern Hemisphere (MASIE-NH). The two data sets are a source for sea ice extent, but they use different methods and data to estimate this parameter and their intended uses are also different. There are 14 regions used in the Sea Ice Index and 16 regions are used in MASIE-NH. Even if the same regions are referred to in both data sets, they may not necessarily both cover exactly the same area. The Sea Ice Index regions are defined in a file available in binary and text format (Arctic_region_mask_Meier_AnnGlaciol2007.msk and Arctic_region_mask_Meier_AnnGlaciol2007.txt). The MASIE-NH regions are available in geoTIFF, netCDF, or PNG formats and there is a .xls file with the lat/lon vertices of the regions.

Summary comparison of regions

Sea Ice Index Regions MASIE-NH Regions
Sea of Okhotsk Sea of Okhotsk
Bering Sea Bering Sea
Hudson Bay Hudson Bay
Gulf of St. Lawrence Baffin Bay/Gulf of St. Lawrence
Baffin Bay Greenland Sea
Greenland Sea Barents Sea
Barents Sea Kara Sea
Kara Sea Laptev Sea
Laptev Sea East Siberian Sea
East Siberian Sea Chukchi Sea
Chukchi Sea Beaufort Sea
Beaufort Sea Canadian Archipelago
Canadian Archipelago Central Arctic
Central Arctic Baltic Sea
  Yellow Sea
  Cook Inlet