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AMSR-E/Aqua L3 Global Snow Water Equivalent EASE-Grids, Version 2 User GuideUser Guide289.22 KB
AMSR-E/Aqua Monthly Global Microwave Land Surface Emissivity, Version 1 User GuideUser Guide415.13 KB
AMSR-E/Aqua Monthly L3 5x5 deg Rainfall Accumulations, Version 2 User GuideUser Guide242.38 KB
AMSR-E/Aqua Monthly L3 Global Ascending/Descending .25x.25 deg Ocean Grids, Version 2 User GuideUser Guide316.13 KB
AMSR-E/Aqua Weekly L3 Global Ascending/Descending .25x.25 deg Ocean Grids, Version 2 User GuideUser Guide276.57 KB
AMSR/ADEOS-II L1A Raw Observation Counts, Version 3, User GuideUser Guide125.06 KB
AMSR/ADEOS-II L2A Global Swath Spatially-Resampled Brightness Temperatures, Version 1, User GuideUser Guide360.96 KB
AMSR2 Global Soil Moisture Retrievals Using the Normalized Polarization Difference (NPD) Algorithm and Single Channel Algorithm (SCA)ATBDs36.43 KB
AMSR2 Precipitation ATBD (GPROF2017, V1 and V2)ATBDs501.02 KB
AMSR2 Sea Ice Algorithm Theoretical Basis DocumentATBDs1.15 MB
AMSR2 Snow Algorithm Theoretical Basis Document (ATBD)ATBDs146.17 KB
AMSRIce03 Landsat-7 ETM+ ImageryUser Guide221.94 KB
AMSRIce03 MODIS ImageryUser Guide203.09 KB
AMSRIce03 PhotomosaicsUser Guide316.48 KB
AMSRIce03 Sea Ice Thickness DataUser Guide184.24 KB
AMSRIce03 Snow Depth DataUser Guide178.75 KB
AMSRIce03 Snow Ice Temperature DataUser Guide268.74 KB
AMSRIce03 Snow Pit DataUser Guide236.07 KB
AMSRIce03 Surface Roughness DataUser Guide297.14 KB
AMSRIce06 Aerial PhotographsUser Guide150.61 KB