Data Announcement

Terra Satellite Constellation Exit Maneuvers

The Terra satellite is scheduled to undergo Constellation Exit Maneuvers (CEM) on October 12 and 19, 2022. All science data acquisition will remain suspended for a period of about 10 days as MODIS will remain in a CEM configuration mode until instruments are brought back to their nominal status. Following the last maneuver on October 19, an outgas procedure will be performed and all things are expected to stabilize within 48 hours after that.  Consequently, there will be a Terra MODIS data outage starting on October 10 and extending through October 19.   Additionally, as instruments will still be recovering after the outage, users should be cautious while using the Terra MODIS data between October 19 and October 21. Post-CEM calibrations will be performed over the following weeks and calibration table updates will occur as needed.

Please note that the CEM does not indicate the end of life for the Terra mission, but it does represent a change in orbital positioning. Users who are interested in knowing more about the Terra morning constellation exit can refer to this note. NSIDC will post more updates as they become available on our Data Announcements page

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