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Request for Information: NASA’s Terra, Aqua, and Aura Data Continuity Workshop

Users of MODIS Terra and Aqua data from the NASA National Snow and Ice Data DAAC should be aware that a Science Mission Directorate (SMD) Request for Information (RFI) was released on March 1, 2023 by the NASA Solicitation and Proposal Integrated Review and Evaluation System (NSPIRES). This RFI seeks input from the science community that will be considered in the development and implementation of a Terra, Aqua, and Aura (T/A/A) data continuity workshop planned for May 23-25, 2023.
The most recent Senior Review for NASA’s Earth science operating missions (available at: discussed the aging Terra, Aqua, and Aura spacecraft. These spacecrafts are nearing their end of life and will be unable to continue operations beyond the middle of this decade. The inevitable end of these missions creates a challenge for the NASA research and applications communities that have relied on the continuous availability of T/A/A data.
Due to the importance of these spacecraft and their data products, it is critical to consider the implications for NASA stakeholders on the loss of these satellites, to evaluate the preparations that have been made over the past several years and the existing alternatives, and to determine possible further actions to adapt to the loss of Terra, Aqua, and Aura. NASA is currently seeking comments from the scientific community that address alternative data products, gaps, and interventions to address the inevitable end of the Terra, Aqua, and Aura missions (see the RFI for more details).
To participate or uncover more details about NASA’s Terra, Aqua, and Aura Data Continuity Workshop RFI, please refer to the details below.

Number: NNH23ZDA010L
Release Date:  March 01, 2023
Response Date: April 04, 2023
Workshop Dates: May 23-25, 2023
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