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This data set includes: (1) fine-scale snow and land cover maps from two mountainous study sites in the Western U.S., produced using machine-learning models trained to extract land cover data from WorldView-2 and WorldView-3 stereo panchromatic and multispectral images; (2) binary snow maps derived from the land cover maps; and (3) 30 m and 465 m fractional snow-covered area (fSCA) maps, produced via downsampling of the binary snow maps. The land cover classification maps feature between three and six classes common to mountainous regions and integral for accurate stereo snow depth mapping: illuminated snow, shaded snow, vegetation, exposed surfaces, surface water, and clouds. Also included are Landsat and MODSCAG fSCA map products. The source imagery for these data are the Maxar WorldView-2 and Maxar WorldView-3 Level-1B 8-band multispectral images, orthorectified and converted to top-of-atmosphere reflectance. These Level-1B images are available under the NGA NextView/EnhancedView license.