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AMSR-E/Aqua Data

Advanced Microwave Scanning Radiometer - Earth Observing System Sensor on the NASA Aqua Satellite


Notice Regarding AMSR-E Instrument Failure
As of 06:58 UTC on 04 October 2011, the AMSR-E instrument on board the Aqua satellite stopped producing data due to a problem with the rotation of its antenna. NASA is currently working with the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) to assess the condition of the AMSR-E instrument and consider future steps. As more information becomes available, NSIDC will post updates via RSS news feed and inform registered AMSR-E users via email. For more information or to register as an AMSR-E data user, please contact NSIDC User Services.

NSIDC archives and distributes daily, weekly, and monthly Level-1A, Level-2A, Level-2B, and Level-3 data products from the Advanced Microwave Scanning Radiometer - Earth Observing System (AMSR-E) sensor on NASA's Aqua satellite.

The AMSR-E instrument provides measurements of terrestrial, oceanic, and atmospheric parameters for the investigation of global water and energy cycles, including precipitation rate, sea surface temperature, sea ice concentration, snow water equivalent, soil moisture, surface wetness, wind speed, atmospheric cloud water, and water vapor.

These data products and related information are displayed on several Web pages, and can be accessed via the links on the left. These Web pages are described below.

  • Data Summaries - Lists all the individual AMSR-E data sets and provides links to the guide documentation for each data set.
  • Order Data - Provides options for ordering AMSR-E data from NSIDC.
  • Data Versions - Summarizes algorithm changes and temporal coverage for different versions of AMSR-E data.
  • Preliminary Data - Provides FTP capabilities for ordering preliminary AMSR-E data for the most recent eight days of data.
  • Tools - Provides links to software for working with AMSR-E data.
  • News - Lists updates to, or problems with the data.
  • FAQ - Provides some of our most frequently asked questions about the AMSR-E products.
  • Research - Lists citations of published research involving AMSR-E data.

Access the AMSR-E data archive directly from the Data Pool FTP site. Additional resources for accessing the AMSR-E data archive are available from the AMSR-E Order Data Web page.

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