freshwater ice

thaw hole

vertical hole in floating ice formed when a puddle melts through to the underlying water.

rotten ice

floating ice which has become honeycombed in the course of melting, and which is in an advanced state of disintegration.

river ice

floating ice formed in rivers.


a sheetlike mass of layered ice formed on the ground surface, or on river or lake ice, by freezing of successive flows of water that may seep from the ground, flow from a spring or emerge from below river or lake ice through fractures.

lake ice

floating ice formed in lakes.

icing mound

a seasonal frost mound consisting exclusively of thinly layered ice, formed by freezing of successive flows of water issuing from the ground or from below river ice.

ice jam

an accumulation of broken river or sea ice caught in a narrow channel.

ice floe

a cohesive sheet of ice floating in the water; the sea ice cover is made up of conglomerates of floes; ice floes are not unique to sea ice, as they also occur in rivers and lakes.
Aerial view of ice floes.

ice edge

the boundary at any given time between open water and sea, river or lake ice of any kind, whether drifting or fast; may be termed compacted when it is clear-cut, or open when it forms the indefinite edge of an area of dispersed ice.
Aerial view of the sea ice edge. (Photo courtesy of Todd Arbetter, National Snow and Ice Data Center.)

floating ice

any form of ice found floating in water.
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