Florence Fetterer

Associate Scientist, NOAA@NSIDC Program Manager

About Florence

Florence Fetterer manages NSIDC’s NOAA-sponsored program and serves as the NSIDC liaison to NOAA. The NOAA@NSIDC program includes some of NSIDC’s most popular data sets, such as the Glacier Photograph Collection and the Sea Ice Index. The team specializes in documenting and publishing data sets that might otherwise remain unavailable to researchers. Examples include Russian and U.S. sea ice chart data, submarine upward looking sonar ice draft data, and historical Soviet snow data. In partnership with the U.S. National Ice Center, NOAA@NSIDC is archiving and documenting a selection of operational products. These data, like the Marginal Ice Zone product, offer researchers high-resolution and highly accurate analyses of sea ice on a daily or weekly basis.

To see the data products that are curated by the NOAA@NSIDC program, go to National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) at NSIDC and “Explore all NOAA data”.    Find data announcements at NOAA Data Updates.


Sea ice, applications-oriented remote sensing, data rescue, data product development, climate data records of sea ice


B.S., St. John's College, Annapolis, MD
M.S., Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA