Bruce Raup

Senior Associate Scientist

About Bruce

Bruce Raup is a senior associate scientist at NSIDC. He specializes in remote sensing of glaciers and ice sheets, and data management and software development related to glaciers.  He has applied remote sensing techniques to monitor the spatial extent and velocity fields of ice bodies ranging from small mountain glaciers to ice sheets. Raup has recently been involved in projects focusing on glaciers, snow, and runoff in High Mountain Asia, and is director of the Global Land Ice Measurements from Space (GLIMS) initiative. He enjoys sharing science with students and the public via photography, science fairs, and the NSIDC open house.


Remote sensing of glaciers, software development for geospatial and remote sensing applications, web-based client interfaces, data tool development, algorithm development

Current Research

Raup’s research involves global mapping of changes in mountain glaciers via the GLIMS Initiative. He also works with the NASA High Mountain Asia project to make data products maximally useful and accessible.


B.S. in Engineering Physics, Washington University in St. Louis, 1987
M.S. in Geology (ice sheet modeling), University of Colorado, 1995


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Bruce Raup