Amanda Leon

Manager, NASA NSIDC Distributed Active Archive Center (DAAC)

About Amanda

Amanda Leon is the manager of the NASA Snow and Ice Distributed Active Archive Center (DAAC) at NSIDC. The NSIDC DAAC stewards and distributes cryosphere and related geophysical data from NASA Earth-observing satellite missions, airborne campaigns, and field observations. In addition to archiving and distributing data, the NSIDC DAAC focuses on broadening the reach and relevance of NASA data by making data sets discoverable, accessible, and usable for a broad, and ever growing, user community.

With over two decades of experience, Leon is an expert in Earth science data management with a focus on data publication workflows and on the application of Digital Object Identifiers and levels of support for data sets. In addition to managing the NSIDC DAAC, Leon has experience implementing data management practices for NASA missions, leading software development projects to create data discovery tools, and establishing data stewardship standards across NASA Earth science.


Earth science data management and data stewardship, project management, and program management


B.B.A., Information Technology, Duquesne University


Interagency Partnership Award / Federal Laboratory Consortium (FLC)
Group Achievement Award for the EOSDIS Data Centers Customer Service Support Team / NASA