Educational Resources on the Cryosphere

glossary thumbnailOur glossary contains general and scientific terms related to Earth's frozen places. You can search for particular terms, or browse the glossary by topic.

glaciers See photographs of the same glacier, taken from the same vantage point and at the same time of year, but many years apart. These photographs, from our Glacier Photograph Collection, can show evidence of glacier and climate changes over time.

cold links Search for Web-accessible teaching or learning materials relevant to Earth system education.

globesWe have created Google Earth™ files that enable you to overlay data-based images on a virtual globe. Our goal is to help people better understand the cryosphere. Get Google Earth files on sea ice, snow, and more.

print and multimedia resourcesBrowse and request items from our collection of printed materials, films, and other multimedia that can help teachers and students explore and learn about Earth's frozen regions.

Bringing the cryosphere to the classroom: Earth is home to snow and ice in many different forms. The frozen realms of the cryosphere influence life all over our planet. Today, the rapid changes in Earth's frozen regions foretell rising sea levels and climate shifts. Studying the cryosphere as part of an Earth sciences curriculum helps make these changes both tangible and present.