Sea Ice Data and Analysis Tools

Charctic Interactive Sea Ice Graph

Plot and compare different years and ranges. Obtain daily sea ice extent values, ranges, and median values for the Arctic or the Antarctic.


Sea ice analysis data spreadsheets


These Excel workbooks organize Arctic and Antarctic sea ice data in spreadsheets for ease of analysis. See the “Documentation” tab in each workbook for more description, and links to more information about the workbooks.

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  1. All daily (single day and five-day trailing average) extent values in one file, updated daily (Sea_Ice_Index_Daily_Extent_G02135_v3.0.xlsx)
  2. Monthly sea ice average extent and area, and rankings (Sea_Ice_Index_Monthly_Data_with_Statistics_G02135_v3.0.xlsx)
  3. Sea ice extent and area organized by year (Sea_Ice_Index_Monthly_Data_by_Year_G02135_v3.0.xlsx)
  4. Minimum and maximum extent values and dates for each month and year, with rankings (Sea_Ice_Index_Min_Max_Rankings_G02135_v3.0.xlsx)
  5. Sea ice extent rates of change (Sea_Ice_Index_Rates_of_Change_G02135_v3.0.xlsx)
  6. Daily sea ice extent, by region (Sea_Ice_Index_Regional_Daily_Data_G02135_v3.0.xlsx)
  7. Monthly sea ice extent, by region (Sea_Ice_Index_Regional_Monthly_Data_G02135_v3.0.xlsx)
  8. Daily sea ice extent 1981-2010 climatology (N_seaice_extent_climatology_1981-2010_v3.0.csv and S_seaice_extent_climatology_1981-2010_v3.0.csv)

You can also access the standard Sea Ice Index data files at Extent and area values and climatologies are in comma-separated values (.csv) files, organized by hemisphere, daily or monthly. These directories also contain daily and monthly image files in PNG and GeoTiff formats.

Sea ice extent spatial comparison tool

Spatially compare sea ice extent for any two days or months between 1979 and present.

image of spatial comparison tool

Sea ice animations


Animations of sea ice extent or concentration averaged for September, in movie format. The magenta line shows the median ice edge for 1981 to 2010.