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Search by glacier name or number or by glacier parameters.
: If you search by glacier name or number, you cannot refine your search by addtional parameters.

Glacier Name or Number Search

This search will return only those records that exactly match your entry. Not all glaciers have names, but all glaciers have numbers.
Note: If you search by glacier name or number, you cannot refine your search by addtional parameters.

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Glacier Parameters Search

Search by geographic cooridnates (lat/lon), altitude/size/length, data contributor, and glacier features such as primary class, form, frontal characteristic, longitudinal profile, major source of nourishment, and tongue activity.

Geographic Coordinates

If no latitude or longitude is specified, the search defaults to the full geographical range.

Enter values in decimal degrees

  North Latitude (Max: +89.30)  
West Longitude (Min: -179.92)   East Longitude (Max: +179.68)
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Altitude, Size, and Length

If you specify a minimum value, you must also specify a maximum value.

Min Max
Altitude (Range: 0 - 8125 meters a.s.l.)
Total Area (Range: 0 - 2230 square kilometers)
Average Length (Range: 0 - 70 kilometers)

Data Contributor Search

Search the database by Data Contributor.
Note: The items listed in this drop down are an abbreviation of the full data contributor citation. To see the complete citation, see the Data Contributor Table.

Data Contributor

Glacier Features

You can narrow the selection by selecting fields.

Primary Class Form Frontal Characteristic Longitudinal Profile Major Source of Nourishment Tongue Activity
Continental ice sheet Compound basins Piedmont Even, regular Snow or drift snow Marked retreat
Ice-field Compound basin Expanded Foot Hanging  Avalanche Slight retreat
Ice cap Simple basin Lobed Cascading Superimposed ice Stationary
Outlet glacier Cirque Calving Ice-fall Unknown Slight advance
Valley glacier Niche Confluent - Coalescing, non-contributing Interrupted   Marked advance
Mountain glacier Crater Irregular, mainly clean ice Uncertain/misc.   Possible surge
Snowfield/glacieret Ice Apron Irregular, debris-covered ice     Known surge
Ice shelf Group Single lobe, mainly clean ice     Oscillating
Rock glacier Remnant Single lobe, debris-covered ice     Uncertain
Uncertain/misc. Uncertain/misc. Normal/misc.      

Step 2. Select Search Output Parameters

One or more fields may be selected. Selecing the "All" option for any parameter overrides any other selections for that parameter.

Glacier Name/Location Extent Elevation/
Dates Classification Accuracy
All names, locations All extents All elevations, orientations All dates All classifications All accuracies
Glacier ID Total area Topographic scale Photo year Primary classification Depth accuracy
Glacier name Area in state Mean elevation Snow line date Form Area accuracy
Latitude Area exposed Highest elevation Activity period start Frontal characteristic Snow line accuracy
Longitude Mean width Lowest elevation Activity period end Longitudinal profile  
Easting Mean length Lowest elevation exposed Topographic year Source nourishment  
Northing Mean depth Mean elevation accumulation   Tongue activity  
Coordinate Description Max length Snow line elevation   Moraine type 1  
  Max length ablation Mean elevation ablation   Moraine type 2  
  Max length exposed Orientation - accumulation      
  Number of basins Orientation - ablation      
Other Data Contributor Remarks      

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