Images of Antarctic Ice Shelves

MODIS Antarctic Ice Shelf Image Archive: January 2002 - Present

Citing these data

These data are offered free of charge. You may use these data freely, provided that you cite NSIDC as the source, and provide an acknowledgment in any published papers.

The following example shows how to cite the use of this data set in a publication. List the principal investigators, year of data set release, data set title, indicate subset used (for example, March to June 2004), publisher: NSIDC, and DOI.

Scambos, T., J. Bohlander, and B. Raup. 1996. Images of Antarctic Ice Shelves. [indicate subset used]. Boulder, Colorado USA: National Snow and Ice Data Center..

For more information on this data set contact NSIDC User Services.

Searching for Images

Choose the ice shelf you want to search and enter a desired date range. Format for the date range is MM/DD/YYYY, for example, 07/07/2007.
Note: If no date range is entered the default (MM/DD/YYYY) will bring up all the images in the archive.

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Antarctic Ice Shelf Location Map

Note: The map below is given as a location guide and is not a map to access images.

Reference map of Antarctic ice shelves