Browse Image Spreadsheet Tool (BIST) Help


The Browse Image Spreadsheet Tool (BIST) allows you to look at an array of browse images, and to manipulate the parameters controlling each axis of the array with a spreadsheet-like interface. This allows you to control the particular data set on display in each column and row of the image spreadsheet.


Use the Control Panel to format all the images on the page. Certain options can be hidden by toggling the Control Panel checkbox and clicking Refresh.

The column header options control images in the entire column. Likewise, the row header options control the images in the rows. Click Refresh to see your changes.

You may have to build your spreadsheet in multiple steps. For example, set the number of Columns and Rows, then click Refresh. Now set the options for each row and column and refresh again.

The BIST viewer does some additional formatting to the images in the FTP archive. When viewing images using BIST, choose Legend to toggle the the color bar legend or annotations off or on. You can also choose the Scale of the image size. Click directly on one of the spreadsheet images to see (and download) the version stored on our FTP server.

For questions or comments, please contact NSIDC User Services (

The Browse Image Spreadsheet Tool (BIST) was originally developed as the Web Image Spreadsheet Tool (WIST) by the National Geophysical Data Center's Geospatial Services group, T. Habermann, lead. NSIDC Scientific Programmer J. Collins generalized the tool for use with additional NSIDC data in 2007.