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Global Lake and River Ice Phenology

Physical Characteristics Search

Retrieve physical characteristic information for lakes and rivers in the LIAG Freeze/Thaw Database. All lakes and rivers have some location information, and almost all have latitude and longitude information. The data on other characteristics are sparser.

Geographical Region

Choose a region by country or enter a specific latitude and longitude.

By Country:

Latitude and Longitude:
North (Max: +82.50)
West (Min: -140.40) East (Max: +149.30)
South (Min: +36.15)

Lake/River Properties

Optional parameters to search by lake or river name and filters to search for only lakes or rivers.

Lake or River Name:

Name Code:
(uniquely identifies lakes or rivers with the same name)

Lake and/or River:

Lake Only
River Only
Either Lake or River

Output Parameter Options

Choose the parameters you wish to output for each lake or river.

Lake or River Name
Name Code
Lake or River
Mean Depth
Max Depth
Median Depth
Surface Area
Shoreline Length
Largest City Population
Power Plant Discharge
Area Drained
Landuse Code
Secchi Depth
Inlet Stream

Output Sort Options

Choose which parameter you would like the data sorted by.
(Default is unsorted)

Lake Name
Country Name
Lake or River (lakes, then rivers)
Mean Depth
Max Depth
Surface Area
Area Drained

Output Format Options

Choose the format in which you would like to receive the data.

Gzipped CSV file (comma-separated)
TSV ASCII file (tab-separated)