Images of Antarctic Ice Shelves


For information about the recent events on the Wilkins Ice Shelf, please see Wilkins Ice Shelf News.

Wilkins Ice Shelf

Wilkins locator map

Location Map: MODIS image from 13 February 2003, 13:15

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Wilkins MODIS Images: 
Wilkins AVHRR Images: 

Projection Information
Projection: Polar Stereographic
Datum: WGS84
Standard Parallel: -70.0
Corner Coordinates:
    UL: 68.033833S 75.487811W
    LL: 73.717856S 81.235048W
    UR: 68.752065S 64.417114W
    LR: 74.722679S 66.182431W
Number of Rows (MODIS): 2664
Number of Columns (MODIS): 1856
Number of Rows (AVHRR): 1332
Number of Columns (AVHRR): 928
Meters per Pixel (MODIS): 250
Meters per Pixel (AVHRR): 500