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The Glacier Gallery provides an in-depth look at the different types of glaciers, their features and characteristics, and how glaciers can shape the land around them. Browse the links below to see historic and recent glacial photos and glacial landscapes.

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Auriel GlacierAuriel Glacier: From the Glacier Photograph Collection. Boulder, CO: National Snow and Ice Data Center. Digital Media.

Glacier Photograph Collection

NSIDC archives a Glacier Photograph Collection of historical photos, which includes both aerial and terrestrial photos for the 1880's to 1975. The photos are primarily of Alaskan glaciers, but coverage also includes the Pacific Northwest and Europe. Auriel Glacier, Alaska Unknown photographer. 1948.

Photo comparison of Muir GlacierMuir Glacier, Glacier Bay National Park and Reserve's White Thunder Ridge as seen on August 13, 1941 left and August 31, 2004 right. 2004 USGS photo by B. Molnia; 1941 photo by W. Field. From the Repeat Photography of Glaciers Special Collection in the Glacier Photograph Collection.
The new Repeat Photography of Glaciers Special Collection within the photograph database matches photos of glaciers taken during the early 1900s with recent photos taken at the same physical location. The photos tell a captivating visual story of the changes glaciers have experienced during the past century.

For more glacier photos, try these sites:

Glacier Bay, NASA glaciologist Dorothy K. Hall's site of historical pictures, maps, and satellite images of Glacier Bay, Alaska.

Peter Knight's Photographs of Landscapes and Glaciers.

Illustrated Glossary of Alpine Glacial Landforms from Karen A. Lemke, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point

Glaciers -Part 1 from Duncan Heron, Professor Emeritus of Geology, Nicholas School of the Environment and Earth Sciences at Duke University