Update: SMAP in Safe Mode

On the evening of 19 June 2019, SMAP went into safe mode and data collection was disrupted. A task team has made progress in communicating with the satellite and diagnosing the malfunction. While they continue to work to return SMAP to normal operations, all instruments remain off. Currently, SMAP has been returned to standby mode with nominal nadir pointing and spinning antenna. Data collection has not restarted. A timeline for when SMAP may resume normal operations has not been provided, but may be on the order of several weeks.

While SMAP remains in standby mode, generation of the model-based Level-4 products will continue, but the Level-4 data will not be informed by contemporaneous SMAP observations.

NSIDC will continue to provide updates as we learn more information and gain a better understanding of the timeframe for resuming data collection.

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