New Version Available: DMSP SSM/I-SSMIS Daily Polar Gridded Brightness Temperatures

The DMSP SSM/I-SSMIS Daily Polar Gridded Brightness Temperatures, Version 5 data set is now available at the NASA National Snow and Ice Data Center Distributed Active Archive Center (NSIDC DAAC). This data set contains daily gridded brightness temperatures derived from the Special Sensor Microwave/Imager (SSM/I) sensor aboard the Defense Meteorological Satellite Program (DMSP) F8, F11, and F13 platforms and the Special Sensor Microwave Imager/Sounder (SSMIS) sensor aboard the DMSP F17 and F18 platforms. Data are available from 9 July 1987 through 31 March 2019 and from the 19.3, 22.2, 37.0, 85.5 (SSMI only), and 91.7 (SSMIS only) channels. The version update corresponds with the beginning of DMSP F18-derived data record and reflects a change in the processing algorithm from V7 to V8. In addition, previous data files from the F8, F11, F13, and F17 sensors have been renamed to better conform to NSIDC storage system requirements. F8, F11, F13, and F17 data files were not reprocessed.

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