Near-real-time Sea Ice Concentration CDR Version 2 Now Available

NOAA@NSIDC is pleased to announce that the Near-Real-Time NOAA/NSIDC Climate Data Record of Passive Microwave Sea Ice Concentration, Version 2 data set, accessible through the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) is now available. The main changes in this new version are:

  1. NSIDC-produced daily and monthly NASA Team (NT) and NASA Bootstrap (BT) variables are included.
  2. Four variables in the daily files and four variables in the monthly files have been renamed.
  3. Gap filling implemented using spatial and temporal interpolation. Two new flag variables indicate when interpolation has been done.
  4. Arctic pole hole filled by spatial interpolation.
  5. NSIDC’s BT algorithm updated to version 3.1.
  6. Updated the NASA Team weather filter threshold for the Southern hemisphere instruments.
  7. In addition to the BT weather and land spillover filters, the NT filters are now also applied.
  8. Individual land masks have been merged into one composite land mask.

For further details on all these changes, we recommend reading NSIDC Special Report 20.

Access to the Version 2 data and documentation is provided on the data set web page at NSIDC.

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