MASIE Daily 4-km Arctic Sea Ice Extent Archive, 2006 through Yesterday, Now Available

NOAA@NSIDC is pleased to announce that the complete archive of the Multisensor Analyzed Sea Ice Extent – Northern Hemisphere (MASIE-NH)  data set, that runs from October 2006 through yesterday, is now available via FTP. In cooperation with the National Ice Center (NIC), NOAA@NSIDC publishes the MASIE-NH data product.  This has been a rolling archive showing only the most recent four weeks of data.  Users wanting a longer view of changes in sea ice were directed to products like the Sea Ice Index.   This was because operational products, like that upon which MASIE is based, can change suddenly and unpredictably in response to changing needs, data sources, and capabilities at an operational center such as NIC.   However, in response to user demand and because the product appears to be consistent back through 2006, we are releasing the complete archive of MASIE products with the exception of the  text data file containing the daily extent values; this still only shows the last four weeks of data. If users need a full version of the text data file, they can contact NSIDC User Services at to request it. To access the MASIE archive, visit the MASIE Web page.

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