Level of service update: ASO L4 Lidar Snow Water Equivalent 50m UTM Grid, Version 1

The ASO L4 Lidar Snow Water Equivalent 50m UTM Grid data set has been updated from a basic to a standard level of service at the NASA National Snow and Ice Data Center Distributed Active Archive Center (NSIDC DAAC).  This means a higher level of support is available for data-usage questions, guidance on the use of the data with select analysis tools, and a user guide is now available.  Please see our “Adding clarity to NSIDC data support with new Level of Service (LoS) model” article for more information.

This data set contains 50 m gridded snow water equivalent (SWE) values collected as part of the NASA/JPL Airborne Snow Observatory (ASO) aircraft survey campaigns.  The available temporal coverage has been updated to include data from 8 February 2016 to 2 June 2018.

Data set DOI: https://doi.org/10.5067/M4TUH28NHL4Z

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