Icebergs in North Atlantic Shipping Lanes Data Set Updated for 2020

NOAA@NSIDC is pleased to announce that the International Ice Patrol (IIP) has updated their annual count of icebergs south of 48 degrees North through the 2020 iceberg season.

Every year during the ice season, the IIP surveys icebergs in the vicinity of the Grand Banks of Newfoundland within the western Atlantic Ocean and issues daily iceberg charts. The number that drift south of 48° N is significant because these pose a larger threat to transatlantic shipping. The annual count is an indicator of the severity of the iceberg season and its impact on mariners in the region.

To learn more and to access these data, please visit the International Ice Patrol Annual Count of Icebergs South of 48 Degrees North, 1900 to Present data set landing page.

Data set DOI:

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