All About Arctic Climatology and Meteorology

Arctic climate versus weather, water sky and ice blink, highs, lows, and the Arctic Oscillation: You’ll read about them, and much more, in All About Arctic Climate and Meteorology. The site is designed especially for educators and high-school students, and has been updated with many new illustrations. Originally published in 2000 as the PRIMER for Newcomers to the North, it was part of the Environmental Working Group Arctic Atlases on CD-ROM. The atlases resulted from an unprecedented U.S. – Russian collaboration that released military and other scientifically important data. The site has ranked in the top 10 of NSIDC’s Web pages since first appearing as a stand-alone site in 2001. NOAA@NSIDC has updated the material, with help from NSIDC’s Science Communications group and a review by Dr. Andrew Barrett.

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