Data download improvements

The process of accessing data from NSIDC is evolving, and with it, the design and function of data set landing pages.  The first improvements, released on March 6, reorganize the layout of these pages.  The most noticeable change will be the consolidation of data download functionality in a single tab, as illustrated below.

An annotated image of an NSIDC landing page is provided highlighting new features, including a Data Download tab.

An NSIDC landing page with new Data Download tab. Click for a larger image.






For certain data sets, new functionality will be available that allows users to temporally or spatially limit data files before ordering:

An annoted image a the new ordering interface.

An overview of new filter and download options available for some data sets. Click for larger image.








This functionality is currently being tested on the following data sets:

Once testing is complete, these functions will be extended to additional data sets.

For data sets that are currently available via FTP or HTTPS, users will be able to view and click file lists without leaving the landing page:

The FTP file list is shown.

FTP file list. Click for a larger image.






These ongoing improvements are based on research and input from NSIDC data users.  Feedback is welcome, via this link, or landing page Feedback icons.