Updates deployed to NSIDC Operation IceBridge Data Portal

The NSIDC Operation IceBridge Data Portal was updated on 17 October 2018 to enhance the existing functionality of the map interface:

  • The Collection pane responds dynamically as temporal, spatial, and keyword filters are applied, and now displays only collections meeting the current filter constraints (Figure 1).
dynamic collections

Figure 1. Dynamic collection pane












  • A toggle has been added above the Collection pane to allow for display of the collections listed by either Name or ID (Figure 2).

Figure 2. Collection Name vs. ID options







  • The Download Data button (formerly View Workspace button) is now located below the collection list.
  • The Download button now displays the number of granules currently selected for downloading (Figure 3).
download button

Figure 3. Download button with granule count






  • Clicking the Show Available Layers button now includes two new overlays for the Northern Hemisphere view, Lat/Lon Graticule and Placenames. For the Southern Hemisphere, Lat/Lon Graticule is available, but a Placenames layer is not yet available (Figure 4).
new overlays

Figure 4. New overlays available





Tips and Tricks:

Have you opened the Portal only to find “No matching collections” displayed in the Collection pane? (Figure 5)


Figure 5. No matching collections – how did this happen?











This issue, which is likely due to a filter being unknowingly set, can be easily resolved by clicking the “X” button (Reset Spatial, Temporal and Keyword filters – Figure 6). This action will quickly clear all filters and restore the full listing to the Collection pane (Figure 7).


Figure 6. Reset Spatial, Temporal and Keyword filters button







Figure 7. Collections re-populated after all filters have been cleared















If you encounter problems or have any questions, please contact NSIDC User Services at nsidc@nsidc.org.